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About Sewing 101


Sewing101 was founded in late 2018 when I found a void where my passions intersected: sewing, teaching and helping others. I am a life-long  sewist who turned my hobby into a career by teaching  in classrooms, as the Quilting Manager at Sizzix, a division of Ellison Educational Equipment, and as National Sales Manager at Hoffman California Fabrics.  I have studied the sewing and consumer sciences industry from both sides and saw a need to help.

Born from seeing a generation who never learned to sew, this fun and vital skill seemed to have a generational gap. These are the people who would sadly toss out perfectly good garments when they only needed a simple repair. My combined experience has given me the ability to create patterns and kits to educate students on the skill of sewing which meet current National Standards.

All of our kits are thoughtfully crafted to educate students on the basics of sewing while empowering them with life skills. I hope you find kits that meet your Family and Career Sciences classroom, Maker Space, Girl Scouts, 4-H, or your home sewing room. Thank you for visiting Sewing101.


Happy Sewing,

Linda Nitzen

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